5 Best Beef Cuts For Curry: How To Choose The Right One?

beef for curry

A traditional curry is often made from chicken, but beef can be an ideal option for this recipe too.

Beef is packed with a stronger flavor, more protein, and iron.

But do you know what cut of beef is best for a curry? We will tell you in this article.

How to choose beef for curry?

Curries are a dish that many people enjoy on a regular basis.

Cooking curries means your meat will be braised in liquid with other starchy veggies like potatoes and carrots until all the ingredients are tender.

Many people have their own recipes, but the key to having a good beef curry is choosing the right cut.

Let’s refer to our tips below to shop for the best beef for curry:

1. Select a tough cut with good marbling

Although a tender cut of beef is what any chef in the world desires, a tough cut is a better choice for a curry.

The reason is that your beef cut will be slow-cooked for hours until all the connective tissues are broken down.

A tough cut of beef often comes with good marbling fat content which makes your dish juicier and flavorful.

Moreover, a tough cut of beef is often more affordable than a tender cut like filet mignon or tenderloin.

So save some money by buying a tough cut of beef for curry and you will still have a delicious and tender dish.

2. Choose a fresh cut of grass-fed beef

You should also buy fresh beef instead of frozen beef.

Although in a curry recipe, the texture of the meat is not highlighted as in a roasting or grilling recipe, it is better to opt for a fresh cut of beef for a sweeter flavor.

If possible, buy grass-fed beef instead of factory-raised beef and you can see the difference in the texture and flavor of the meat.

The cow that is treated with a healthier diet will produce higher-quality meat that is worth the price.

3. Cut against the grain to make the beef more tender when cooked

Beef when cooked in the curry should be cut into equal cubes against the grain.

This will make your meat more tender and easier to chew.

Best beef for curry

Here are some best beef cuts that work great in a curry recipe that you can find in most local butcher shops, grocery stores, or supermarkets across the country: 

1. Chuck steak

A chuck steak is a tough cut that is typically used in any slow-cooking method, from roasting to braising or stewing.

This cut is taken from the top portion of the cow’s shoulder and is prized for its marbling fat and chewy texture.

However, it can melt in your mouth after being slow-cooked for hours in a curry.

2. A round roast (top and bottom)

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Another good cut for curry is a round roast.

Either a top round or a bottom round roast will work in this recipe thanks to a tough texture with little fat.

Moreover, a round roast cut is also very economical and is suitable to be added to your family weeknight’s menu without breaking the bank.

3. Boneless short ribs

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You can opt for boneless short ribs if you want to make some beef curry.

This cut actually comes from the chuck area instead of the rib cage of the cattle as the name implies.

Boneless short ribs are affordable and can become tender and juicy if properly cooked.

4. Tri-tip roast

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Try a tri-tip roast if you are unable to find the aforementioned cuts of beef.

A tri-tip roast is a lean cut with a strong beefy flavor.

Although it is a popular cut for grilling or roasting, you can slice it into thick cubes and comfortably use these cubes in a slow-cooking recipe like curry.

5. Top sirloin steak

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Last but not least, a top sirloin steak can also be a good candidate for making curry.

This lean but moderately tender cut has a flavorful taste despite being low in fat.

Top sirloin steak is relatively pricey, but it is still a more affordable choice compared to a tenderloin, ribeye, or filet mignon.

When cooking top sirloin steak in a curry, don’t forget to check the internal temperature of the meat to make sure that it is not overcooked and might become dry.

The bottom line

If you are a fan of beef, you should not ignore a piping hot pot of beef curry.

In this recipe, your beef cut will be slow-cooked in liquid so that the meat will be fork-tender or even melt in your mouth when served.

Therefore, it will be great to opt for a tough cut of beef with a lot of connective tissue and marbling fat so that you will have a tender and juicy dish to enjoy without breaking the bank.

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