6 Best Beef For Burgers: The Key To Having The Best Beef Burgers

beef for burger

The question of what cut of beef to use for a perfect burger is one that has been debated since man first hit up a grill.

Whether you’re looking for an easy, no-fuss recipe or are more inclined towards something with a little more flair, there are different cuts of beef out there for everyone.

Besides the best beef cuts for burgers, we have also compiled some tips and tricks to help you make the best decision when it comes time to pick your patty.              

How to choose beef for burgers?

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Making burgers at home is not a trick, but it requires some attention so that you will not only save money on commercial hamburgers but also have the best dish that is perfect for any occasion.

Below are some tips to choose beef for burgers:

1. Avoid using lean cuts because they might be too dry for your burgers

A lean cut might be perfect for making pan-seared steak until medium-rare.

However, when using it for making beef patties for your homemade burgers, it needs to be mixed with some fat to make the meat become juicier.

Otherwise, just opt for a fattier cut, especially some with marbling fat.

2. The perfect meat-to-fat ratio is 80:20

Another thing you should keep in mind when shopping for beef for burgers is the ratio of meat to fat.

A perfect ratio should be 80% lean meat and 20% fat.

If you buy pre-ground beef from your local butcher, grocery store, or supermarket, don’t forget to look for this information on the package.

70:30 ground beef will work too.

It is more flavorful and juicier but might be a bit fatty for some people.

3. Buy plain fresh ground beef or the whole cut and grind it yourself

There are many brands of beef patties that are pre-ground and pre-seasoned so that you can use them directly from the package.

Our recommendation is to opt for fresh ground beef rather than the frozen counterpart for a more flavorful burger.

You should also buy the plain version so that you can season it with your favorite spices when bringing it home.

For those who enjoy grinding meat themselves, you can buy the whole cut of beef and grind it with a meat grinder, or finely chop it into a smooth texture.

Best beef for burgers

Below are the best six ideas for making beef burgers more successful:

1. Chuck steak

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Chuck steak is a great cut for different purposes.

Chuck steak is a cut from the chuck area, and it has a tough texture that turns tender when finely chopped and grilled over low heat.

You can also marinate ground chuck steak with some olive oil to make it more tender.

2. A round cut

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A round cut is also perfect for making beef burgers.

Either a top round or a bottom round can work in this case thanks to their perfect fat content.

A round cut can be sold pre-ground or the whole cut so that you can have different choices to opt for.

It is also more economical than most other cuts of beef.

3. Boneless short ribs

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Boneless short ribs, unlike its name, are not taken from the rib section.

They are actually cut from the chuck area and have a similar appearance to the short ribs that are deboned.

They are affordable, flavorful, and versatile.

Making beef burgers from boneless short ribs is a great choice though.

4. Brisket

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Brisket is a similar cut to the chuck steak because it is cut from the nearby section.

The brisket has a little fat that is enough for a flavorful cut.

It is more common to use brisket for a corned beef recipe or pastrami, but it is great for grinding to make beef burgers too.

5. Sirloin steak

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Sirloin steak is a lean cut but it is juicy and relatively tender.

Moreover, you can even make it juicier by adding a little fattier trims from other fatty cuts of the cattle.

Sirloin steak is also an economical way to add protein to your daily meal.

6. Plate cut

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A plate cut is a very affordable cut of beef that is perfect for making beef patties because it is a fatty cut.

Therefore, you don’t even need to add more fat to the mixture but still have a juicy and flavorful burger.

The bottom line

Ground beef has always been an ideal choice for making the classic burger.

However, not every cut of beef will work well.

The key is to have a flavorful cut with a perfect marbling fat content, as well as to combine some additional fat trims to the ground so that the mixture will be perfectly juicy and tasty.

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