8 Must-try Beef Enchiladas’ Side Dishes To Bring Mexican Flavor To Your Kitchen

beef enchiladas side dish

What to serve with beef enchiladas is a question that many people have asked themselves at least once.

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If you are one of them, you are in the right place.

Keep reading to find out the eight best side dishes to serve with your beef enchiladas and bring the true Mexican flavor to your kitchen.

What are beef enchiladas?

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Beef enchiladas are a kind of enchiladas, a staple in Mexican cuisine.

The only main difference between beef enchiladas and chicken enchiladas is the use of the meat ingredient: shredded beef and shredded chicken.

There are no fixed recipes for a beef enchilada, but it is typically a corned tortilla rolled around a filling that is made of different ingredients, including pulled beef, vegetables like beans or potatoes, a lot of cheese, and coated with a savory chili pepper sauce.

The whole thing is baked in the oven until all the ingredients are cooked through.

The resulting dish is very creamy, savory, and filling.

Beef enchiladas also have an eye-catching look thanks to the use of many elements with vibrant colors.

What to consider when choosing a beef enchiladas’ side dish?

When choosing a side dish for beef enchiladas, you don’t want something that competes with the flavor of the main course.

Moreover, something so bland will not be a good option either.

So what to consider when making or ordering a good side dish for beef enchiladas?

Here are some tips from us:

Beef enchiladas should be served with a Mexican dish

It doesn’t mean to limit your options, but a Mexican side dish really works in this case, when paired with beef enchiladas.

It probably is because the spices from these Mexican delicacies blend well together and create a blow of flavors in your mouth.

Beef enchiladas should be paired with a side dish that has a lighter texture and flavor

The second tip is that beef enchiladas should be served with a lighter side, in both texture and flavor.

The reason is that the main dish is already too creamy and savory, so it might be hard to eat if you pair your beef enchiladas with something that has a similar consistency and flavor.

Consider what meal of the day you will serve beef enchiladas and these side dishes

Last but not least, the time of the day that you will eat beef enchiladas with some side dishes can affect what you choose for a good companion.

For example, if you serve beef enchiladas as dinner, it is better to pair this dish with a light dish like salad to not upset your stomach at night.

Meanwhile, something that is more filling and hearty will be more suitable to eat at daytime meals.

8 best side dishes to serve with beef enchiladas

Now, it’s time to delve into the eight side dishes that go well with beef enchiladas on different occasions:

1.     Chips and salsa

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Chips and salsa are a perfect combination, especially when it comes to Mexican cuisine.

Seriously, once you start dipping those crunchy tortilla chips into salsa and grab a bite of creamy and rich beef enchiladas, you won’t be able to stop.

It is the perfect appetizer for any party or gathering.

2.     Guacamole

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Guacamole is a traditional sauce in Mexican cuisine.

It is mainly made of avocado, spices, and herbs.

The refreshing flavor and slightly smooth texture of guacamole will definitely satisfy your taste buds after eating each bite of cheesy and savory beef enchiladas.

3.     Mexican coleslaw

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Mexican coleslaw is another good side dish to accompany beef enchiladas.

Mexican coleslaw is often made of thinly sliced red onion, ground cumin, chopped cilantro, garlic pressed, lime juice, canola oil, honey, and some other ingredients.

The crunchy texture and pleasant flavor of Mexican coleslaw can balance the rich taste of beef enchiladas. 

4.     Mexican/ Spanish rice

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You can also serve beef enchiladas with Mexican rice, also known as Spanish rice.

Mexican rice has a vibrant look and flavorful taste thanks to the spices used in the recipe.

5.     Black beans

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Another option to pair with beef enchiladas is black beans.

Black beans are a staple in Mexican cuisine as well as in many other cuisines in the world.

This ingredient is a rich source of vegan protein, and it can help fill your empty stomach with delicious flavor and healthy nutrients.

6.     Mexican sweet corn

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Who doesn’t love Mexican sweet corn, or known as corn on the cob?

The buttery and slightly sweet taste of this dish can go perfectly with beef enchiladas without overpowering the main dish. 

7.     Corn pudding

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Another corn dish to accompany beef enchiladas is corn pudding.

Corn is a staple in Mexico, so you can find this ingredient everywhere in this country.

Corn pudding is easy to make and it is also inexpensive, so every family can make this dish without breaking their budgets to serve it with beef enchiladas on special occasions.

8.     Roasted vegetables

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If you want to make your meal healthier, then pair your beef enchiladas with some roasted vegetables.

This is an easy way to add vitamins and minerals to your meal without ending up with a bland dish.

The bottom line

Nobody would deny a rich and hearty beef enchilada.

This dish is so satisfying and delicious on its own, but you totally can make it more special and tasty with the eight aforementioned side dishes.

All of them are Mexican favorites, so you can literally bring this Latin cuisine to your own kitchen.

Don’t forget to refer to our tips to choose the best accompaniments for beef enchiladas so that everyone can enjoy their meal happily and comfortably.