7 Indian-inspired Side Dishes To Serve With Beef Curry

beef curry side dish

Beef curry is a staple in many households.

It’s a hearty and flavorful dish that can be served with plenty of different side dishes.

But what should you serve with beef curry?

In this guide, we’ll explore the best options for pairing your favorite beef curry recipe with delicious side dishes that complement its bold flavors.

What is beef curry?

Beef curry is a dish made from beef chunks cooked in a blend of spices and other ingredients, such as potatoes and carrots.

Traditional Indian curries are often made from the chicken because red meat is widely forbidden in this country.

But if you have no diet restrictions and want a more flavorful version, beef curries are worth a try.

The meat is cooked with spices in the sauce for a long time to give it a thick texture and spicy taste and can melt in your mouth.

Beef curry is best served warm or hot for a cold winter meal.

What to consider when choosing a side dish for beef curry?

A spiced-up Indian side dish works best with any curry, including beef curry.

It complements the strong flavor of the beef perfectly without overpowering your main course.

You can also consider serving other starchy sides such as bread or some kind of rice or noodles with beef curry.

If you want to keep your meal light and balanced, choose vegetables that complement each other.

Although beef curry is delicious on its own, finding a good companion can literally make it much better.

7 best side dishes to serve with beef curry

Here are the seven side dishes that we find most classic and delicious on the side of your beef curry:

Bastami rice

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Bastami rice is a fragrant long-grain rice that’s popular in Indian cuisine.

It’s cooked like regular white rice but has an added kick of flavor thanks to its use of turmeric and cardamom.

Bastami rice can be served with all kinds of curries, stews, or soups—it pairs particularly well with fish and vegetable dishes (in particular, lentil soup).


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Bread is a perfect side dish to accompany your beef curry.

Bread is a good source of carbohydrates and fiber, essential for energy production and healthy digestion.

It also contains vitamins, minerals, and calories that can help you feel full without adding too much bulk to the meal (or your stomach).

With the right bread, you can enjoy a healthy and delicious meal.

You should choose whole grain bread over refined ones; it contains more nutrients and fiber than white bread does.

Aloo Gobi

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Aloo Gobi is a popular dish in Indian cuisine.

It is a Punjabi dish, meaning it originates from the Punjab region of India.

Aloo Gobi is a vegetarian side dish that consists of potatoes and cauliflower cooked with onion, tomato, ginger, and garlic.

The potatoes are first boiled until tender before being sauteed with other vegetables in spices such as cumin seeds, black mustard seeds, and coriander powder.

The resulting mixture may be eaten as an entree or served with rice as a side dish to curry or meat dishes like butter chicken.


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When you’re serving a curry as the main event, it’s important to keep in mind what you’re serving with it.

A good rule of thumb is that if you’re using rice or any other starch as part of your meal, pair it with something that will add some texture and give the dish some body—a good example here would be naan bread.

It’s made from white flour, salt, and yeast; it’s cooked in an oven (usually a tandoor at high temperatures); and unlike chapati which is flat and chewy, this bread has a more fluffy texture similar to pita bread.

Naan bread can be used as a utensil to soak up the beef chunks and the delicious sauce from the curry.


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Raita is a yogurt-based side dish that is served with spicy curries.

It’s a cooling side dish that helps counteract the heat of curries and other spicy foods.

Raita can be made with cucumber, tomato, and onions; mint, cilantro, or cumin; or just plain yogurt.


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Samosas are a type of stuffed pastry that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

They’re popular in India, where they’re usually filled with a mixture of vegetables or meat, and served with chutney or a sweet.

In this case, we suggest serving samosas with your beef curry—they make for an excellent pairing that will satisfy the taste buds on both ends.

You might also consider serving them alongside some naan bread or rice pilaf to round out the meal.

Green salad

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A green salad is the perfect cool, crisp accompaniment to a warm curry dish.

If you’re serving your curry with rice or naan (Indian flatbread), then a salad isn’t really necessary—but if you have an Indian-themed buffet, or if you just want something light and healthy on the side, then this will do nicely.

Your options are endless when it comes to dressing up your green salad; vinaigrettes are great because they add a little zing without overpowering anything else in the meal.

If you want something more luxurious than plain olive oil and wine vinegar, here are some ideas for vinaigrette bases:

  • Yogurt – Use Greek yogurt as the base for your dressing—it’s thick enough that it’ll hold up over time without having to refrigerate (and therefore spoil) everything else before serving time!
    This will also serve as another source of protein in case anyone needs one after eating all that meaty goodness.
  • Coconut milk – You can use coconut milk instead of water if you’re feeling fancy—it adds subtle sweetness without being overpowering in any way whatsoever!
    It’s especially good if paired with another sweet element like mango chutney or pineapple salsa since both complement each other very well indeed!


If you’re looking for an easy way to make your next meal more exciting and adventurous, consider adding some of these side dishes to your repertoire.

They pair well with beef curry and are all delicious, nutritious, and a little bit different from what you might be used to eating at home.

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