Beef Consomme Substitutes: The 4 Best Options

beef consomme substitute

Many people are seeking a great substitute for beef consomme because they just cannot find any of these ingredients left in the grocery store sometimes.

There are actually many ways to replace your regular beef consomme, and in this article, we are going over some of the best beef consomme substitutes that will have your family begging for more.

Let’s check it out!

What is beef consomme?

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Beef consomme is a classic French soup that is made from beef broth, vegetables, and herbs that are simmered together and strained before serving to remove any impurities in the liquid.

The result is beef consomme with a lighter color, thicker consistency, and clearer.

Some people use egg whites so that they can easily gather any scum in the broth and remove them after that to achieve a clear consomme as much as possible.

Thanks to this clarifying process, beef consomme is also free of fat, making it taste purer and perfect for those who want to keep their weight in line.

Beef consomme can be served as a hot or cold drink or used in a variety of recipes like soups, stews, sauces, or gravies.

It can also be used to cook rice so that you won’t end up with a bland rice dish but much more flavorful to enjoy as a complete meal.

Beef consomme takes time to prepare because it requires about 30 more minutes compared to making beef broth as the liquid needs time to be more concentrated.

However, the result is worth it.

Otherwise, you can also opt for the store-bought version of beef consomme which can be found in any grocery store or supermarket across the world.

Can you substitute beef consomme in cooking recipes?

Beef consomme is great in the kitchen, but it’s not the only choice.

Sometimes you cannot find any beef consomme cans left in the store because they have already run out of stock, or there is just no favorite brand of beef consomme that you have used for years.

What are you gonna do in this case? Don’t worry, beef consomme totally can be replaced by other options in any cooking recipe.

The next section will give you a detailed look at what products can greatly substitute beef consomme.

What can you substitute for beef consomme?

If you are wondering what you can use to replace beef consomme, refer to the list below:

1. Beef broth

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Beef consomme is actually made from the beef broth that has been clarified.

Therefore, the only difference between beef broth and beef consomme is that the first is a bit fattier and can contain meat with other ingredients like vegetables.

Basically, beef broth tastes just like beef consomme, so feel free to use these ingredients interchangeably when you just have access to one kind.

2. Beef stock

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The second item that you would like to suggest is beef stock.

You can choose to make beef stock at home or buy the processed version from a grocery store.

When shopping for canned beef stock, you should choose the organic or low-sodium version so that you can enjoy delicious dishes without sacrificing your health.

Beef stock generally has the same texture, color, and taste as beef consomme, but is more economical because it is made from beef bones instead of meat.

3. Chicken consomme

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Although chicken and beef have two completely different flavor profiles, chicken consomme can be used to alternate beef consomme.

The reason is that they are often used as a base for soups or stews, so the difference in the flavor isn’t a point.

Chicken is even known as a healthier alternative for red meat like beef, therefore, chicken consomme is also lower in fat and more beneficial to our health.

4. Mushroom consomme

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Mushroom consomme is perfect for those who are looking for a vegetarian substitute for beef consomme.

It resembles the texture and color of beef consomme closely.

Moreover, you can achieve a special umami taste from some Asian cuisines like Korean or Japanese, making your dishes more interesting for your Western friends.

The bottom line

Beef consomme is a staple in many kitchens, but now you know that there are also many alternatives you can use in place of the classic beef consomme.

With the list we have compiled above, you will never need to worry about running out of this ingredient again.

Which substitute do you find the best to alternate your beef consomme?

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