5 Best Types Of Bread To Serve With Beef Bourguignon

beef bourguignon bread side dish

If you are looking for the perfect bread side dish to accompany your Beef Bourguignon, look no further than this article.

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Keep reading and learn about our five best types of bread to serve with this rich and hearty French beef stew.

What is Beef Bourguignon?

Beef Bourguignon is a delicious French dish that contains beef stewed with other ingredients like carrots, onions, garlic, a bouquet garni, in beef stock, and red wine.

Other ingredients like bacon or mushrooms can be added in other variants for a more flavorful taste.

This classic French stew is richer and bolder in flavor compared to other conventional American beef stew thanks to the use of red wine instead of water.

This dish takes a long time to cook to achieve the tender texture of the beef chunks that can melt in your mouth.

However, all the job is done by the slow cooker so it is quite easy to make Beef Bourguignon to have a delicious and hearty dish to serve your family and friends.

What to consider when choosing bread to serve with Beef Bourguignon?

There are many different bread recipes to choose from when pairing Beef Bourguignon.

But which type is best to serve with your beef stew?

The following things are what you should consider when choosing bread to serve with Beef Bourguignon:

Will you make your own bread or buy it from a bakery or grocery store?

As you know, there are many baking recipes out there that you can easily experience in your own kitchen.

However, if you are in a hurry, you can think about buying pre-baked bread from a reputable bakery or grocery store as a good solution indeed.

Just opt for the type of bread you like and you will have the delicious and filling side dish to serve alongside Beef Bourguignon.

How much bread should you serve with Beef Bourguignon so that no one is left hungry?

Before baking or buying bread to serve with Beef Bourguignon, you should determine the amount of bread that is enough to serve at the meal.

Normally, making a big batch of bread will help save time and make sure that everyone will have enough food and won’t be left hungry.

The leftovers can be stored and used for the next morning’s breakfast.

5 best types of bread to serve with Beef Bourguignon

Are you wondering what type of bread is best to serve with Beef Bourguignon?

Check out the five types below and choose the one that you like the most:

1.     Crispy baguette

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One of the most famous and classic types of bread in French cuisine is baguettes, also known as French bread.

The whole thin and long bread with a hearty filling can work as a quick and nutritious meal, but serving baguettes in slices will be more suitable in this case.

You can pan-fry or bake slices of baguette to achieve a crispier texture.

Use them as a utensil to scoop up the meat and rich sauce of your Beef Bourguignon.

2.     Cornbread

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The second option to accompany Beef Bourguignon is cornbread.

Cornbread is a Southern staple that works well with almost all meat-based main courses.

It is also one of the easiest baking recipes that feature corn, an affordable and tasty ingredient that can be found anywhere in the world.

If you have leftover cornbread, you can even serve it alone as a quick and filling breakfast the next morning.

3.     Dinner rolls

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You can also serve dinner rolls with your Beef Bourguignon.

Dinner rolls are a classic dish that can be consumed on their own or with other meat-based dishes.

They are easy to make, filling, and can offset the rich and savory taste of your French beef stew.

4.     Beer bread

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Beer bread is a classic type of bread that any novice baker can make.

It actually refers to any type of bread that contains beer in the recipe.

Therefore, the texture, appearance, and flavor of beer bread can vary depending on the recipe you choose.

In general, most bear bread goes really well with Beef Bourguignon.

5.     Popovers

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Last but not least, popovers are a type of pastry that is great to pair with your Beef Bourguignon.

They are similar to Yorkshire pudding, but not as dense.

What is better than piping hot and fresh popovers coming straight from the oven to serve on the side of your Beef Bourguignon?

The bottom line

In conclusion, some slices of bread will help absorb the rich sauce of your Beef Bourguignon and help keep you fuller.

It all depends on your preference to opt for the type of bread to serve with Beef Bourguignon among our five aforementioned bread side dishes.