6 Side Dishes To Serve Your Beef Bourgogne

6 Side Dishes To Serve Your Beef Bourgogne

Beef Bourgogne goes great with different side dishes, and mashed potatoes are a classic choice.

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But what other side dishes can be paired with this hearty stew?

Keep reading and you will find out some great ideas!

What is beef Bourgogne?

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You may have heard of beef Bourgogne or beef Burgundy before, but do you know what it is?

It’s a classic French dish that’s made with large pieces of beef, red wine, onions, and garlic.

The meat is braised in the red wine, which makes it tender and flavorful.

This dish is decadent and extremely delicious.

It’s not hard to make this dish at home, though it does take some time.

The best kind of cut to use for this recipe is a large roast that has been trimmed into smaller chunks (usually stew meat).

If you’d like more flavor in your stew, you can brown the beef in a pan before adding it to the pot.

What to consider when choosing a side dish to serve with beef Bourgogne?

To choose the perfect side dish for beef Bourgogne, consider the following things:

The flavor profile of the beef Bourgogne

In general, if you follow the old-fashioned recipe, your beef stew might taste the same every time you make it.

If there is a twist on the ingredients, and your beef Bourgogne ends up with a new flavor like umami, sweet, or strong acidic, take this into account to choose the right side dish.  

Budget for ingredients for your dish

Is there a certain budget that you are working with for each side dish?

If so, try to find recipes that fit within your budget.

You can be creative and flexible when choosing the substituted ingredients that are available in your kitchen to save some bucks.

If not, just stick with more elaborate recipes if desired!

5 best side dishes to serve with beef Bourgogne

Here are the five best side dish recipes that go perfectly with beef Bourgogne:

1.   Mashed potatoes

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You can never go wrong with a classic, and that’s why they get the number one spot on this list.

There’s nothing quite as amazing as beef Bourgogne served over mashed potatoes.

Mashed potatoes are no longer a strange dish througout America, and it is very easy to make and be customized.

2.   Roasted Potatoes

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If you want something different than mashed potatoes but still want to stick with potatoes, roasted potatoes are the way to go.

This side dish is made in the oven and ends up with a crispy outer while the inside is soft, smooth, and starchy.

You can even stick with sweet potatoes or regular potatoes in the roasting recipe while the result remains delicious and nutritious.

3.   Steamed asparagus

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The crisp texture of steamed asparagus goes great with the rich flavor of beef Bourgogne and makes for a wonderful side dish option when you’re hosting dinner guests.

Asparagus is also packed with many essential nutrients that can maintain your daily nutrient intake without sacrificing a good meal.

If you want something a little more exciting, grilling this veggie with some olive oil and garlic will be a nice way to add flavor.

4.   French bread

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A starchy side can help absorb the delicious sauce of this beef stew.

French bread is our suggestion because its mild flavor and starchy texture go perfectly with the rich Bourgogne sauce.

Moreover, French bread is sold all over the world at a very reasonable price, there is no hassle for you to buy some pieces of it to serve in your meal.

5.   Pasta

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Another starchy option is pasta, in case you want to bring some Italian spirit to your kitchen.

There is a variety of pasta to choose from without any fuss.

Pasta is simply boiled until it is cooked and tender, and then you can serve it straight or saute with some cheese or garlic and herbs.

Now you will have a filling and simple accompaniment to pair with beef Bourgogne in no time.

The bottom line

You can take this dinner from good to great by serving an exciting side dish instead of the usual mashed potatoes and green beans.

We have listed the five options that include leafy greens, starchy root veggies, pasta, and bread.