5 Best Side Dishes To Pair With Your Wagyu Beef, So You Can Stop Flipping Through Recipes and Start Cooking!

bbq pork chop side dish

Summertime is the perfect time to fire up the grill and enjoy some delicious BBQ pork chops.

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But have you ever wondered what to serve with your BBQ pork chops?

Whether you are looking for something simple or more elaborate, we have got you covered here.

Keep reading for some amazing recipes that will perfectly complement your BBQ pork chops. 

What are BBQ pork chops?

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BBQ pork chops are pork chops that are cooked on the BBQ grill.

Pork chops can come with the bones or not depending on your preference.

They are first marinated with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika before being grilled.

During the cooking time, the meat can be basted with a BBQ sauce to keep it moist and flavorful.

Since pork chops are relatively lean, they should be cooked to medium-rare to not be too dry and tough.

It will only take less than 10 minutes to grill pork chops per side.

What to consider when choosing a BBQ pork chops’ side dish?

A good side dish can literally elevate your BBQ pork chops without any fuss.

So how to know if you are going the right way?

Here are some tips from us that can help:

BBQ pork chops are best to be served with a vegetable side dish

A vegetable side dish is our first pick when it comes to choosing an accompaniment for BBQ pork chops.

Vegetables can help balance the meaty flavor and also add nutrients to your meal, making it healthier and more nutritious.

If you want to be fuller, this dish can be paired with a starchy side like pasta

If you are afraid of being hungry after eating your BBQ pork chops with some vegetables, then serve it with a starchy side dish too.

Pasta is a top choice in this case rather than rice.

It is not too heavy while still keeping you fuller longer.

Consider if you like something that can be made in advance or something fresh

There are many side dishes that can be made ahead of time so that when you have your BBQ pork chops done, you only need to reheat the side dishes and serve with your pork.

Otherwise, other recipes should be made and served fresh.

So consider the time you have as well as your preference to have a reheated or fresh side dish.

5 best side dishes to serve with BBQ pork chops

Pork chops have always been one of the top choices for BBQ.

But it might be boring to only have this dish on the table.

Here are some of the best side dishes that go well with BBQ pork chops:

1.     Sweet potatoes

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Sweet potatoes are our first suggestion to serve with your BBQ pork chops.

You can either fry or bake sweet potatoes.

The resulting dish has a slightly sweet flavor and a starchy texture that are perfect to enjoy with the savory and rich taste of BBQ pork chops.

2.     Sauteed green beans or bok choy

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If you prefer some green vegetables, try green beans or bok choy instead.

These veggie options are perfect for a sauteing recipe.

The crunchy texture and earthy flavor of green beans and bok choy work as a perfect addition to offset your BBQ pork chops.

3.     Salads

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In case you want a quick but nutritious side dish, salads will be a way to go.

There are different kinds of salads, but a raw salad that is made from raw veggies and fruits is always quick to make and ends up with a flavorful and refreshing taste and a colorful appearance.

Salads are packed with nutrients and the fresh taste is what makes this option perfect when paired with a savory meat-based dish.

4.     Pasta

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For those who are looking for something more filling, let’s serve BBQ pork chops with pasta.

A plate with some sauteed pasta on one side and a piece of BBQ pork chop on the other side will look and taste so complete and hearty.

Pasta can be cooked with some garlic, cheese, and fresh herbs to enhance the flavor.

5.     Corn on the cob

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Corn on the cob is the last idea for a good BBQ pork chops’ side dish from us.

This dish is also known as Mexican street corn, and it is a staple in many Latin cuisines.

Corn on the cob can be done in the same BBQ grill with the pork chops.

You only need to baste it with melted butter and Mexican spices for an easy and tasty recipe.

The bottom line

BBQ pork chops are a summertime favorite, and now you know how to make them even more delicious.

With just a simple but proper side dish, you can turn your BBQ party into something more special, hearty, and memorable.

Which BBQ pork chops’ side dish will be your choice at the next BBQ party?

Let’s give them a try and give us some feedback.