7 Mouth-watering Side Dishes To Pair With Bbq Chicken Sliders

bbq chicken slider side dish

BBQ chicken is a favorite of anyone.

Why trust me?

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And BBQ chicken sliders are a great way to use this dish.

But have you ever wondered what to serve with your little BBQ chicken sliders?

Read on to learn some side dish ideas and make your next BBQ party even more hearty and delicious.

What are BBQ chicken sliders?

BBQ chicken sliders are a fun, easy, and quick meal for a delicious meal.

They are actually just a smaller version of a chicken hamburger, which consists of BBQ chicken and other veggies for the fillings placed between the small buns.

Chicken, normally boneless skinless chicken breast, is marinated in a BBQ sauce and grilled until it is fully cooked.

The chicken can be served the whole slice or pulled apart and served in the slider.

BBQ chicken sliders are kid-friendly and endlessly customizable.

What to consider when choosing a BBQ chicken slider’s side dish?

Chicken sliders are always a popular menu item.

But what side dish should you choose to accompany and complement them instead of ruining them?

Here are some things to consider:

BBQ chicken sliders can be great to be served with a starchy side or a vegetable side dish

Normally, a meat hamburger can be enough for a hearty and filling meal because it contains protein from meat, carbs from buns, and minerals and vitamins from veggies.

However, the slider is pretty small, so you can serve it with something starchy that can help keep you fuller, like pasta, mac and cheese, or potatoes.

A vegetable side dish can work too to provide a balanced and refreshing taste for your meal.

Finger food will be great to serve with your BBQ chicken sliders

BBQ chicken sliders are typically served as an item at a party.

Therefore, you can consider serving this dish with other finger foods to make them more suitable for a party, where people can walk around and chat with friends while enjoying your food.

7 best side dishes to serve with BBQ chicken sliders

Here are the seven side dishes that can amazingly complement your BBQ chicken sliders:

1.     Mac and cheese

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Mac and cheese are a perfect match of macaroni pasta and a cheese sauce.

This side dish works well with different meat-based dishes, and the creamy texture of mac and cheese can definitely satisfy your taste buds.

2.     Pasta

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Pasta is another starchy companion that is great on the side of BBQ chicken sliders.

Pasta is often boiled and served with a savory meat-based dish.

In this case, it should be boiled, then sauteed with some spices, herbs, and a kind of sauce for a more flavorful taste and can be served next to BBQ chicken sliders.

3.     Cornbread

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Cornbread is another good side dish to serve with BBQ chicken sliders.

This recipe is easy to make and it is also very affordable, making sure that even a novice cook can master it.

Since the sliders are relatively small and might not be enough to feed you, cornbread helps keep you fuller without being too heavy.

4.     Baked beans

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You can try serving your BBQ chicken sliders with baked beans.

Baked beans are one of the staple dishes in Southern cuisine.

They are easy to make from inexpensive ingredients, but the cooking time will be a bit longer than other sides to tenderize the beans.

The best part is that baked beans are a delicious dish without forcing you to sacrifice your health because beans are packed with many essential nutrients.

5.     French fries

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French fries are classic finger food that can be made easily or bought from any fast food restaurant.

The crispiness and deliciousness of French fries make this dish a perfect snack to enjoy at any time of the day, or as a side dish to consume with a BBQ chicken slider.

6.     Mediterranean salad

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What about a bowl of Mediterranean salad on the side of BBQ chicken sliders?

There are good reasons why the Mediterranean diet is preferred by many people.

The Mediterranean salad contains all healthy and delicious ingredients like olives, bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, onion, and a tangy dressing from citrus juice, making this salad to offset the rich and savory taste of BBQ chicken sliders.

7.     Coleslaw

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Last but not least, a coleslaw is what we highly recommend serving with your BBQ chicken sliders.

You can serve coleslaw on the side of your sliders, or put it between the little buns as a part of the fillings with the chicken.

Coleslaw has a creamy and tangy taste that can make your BBQ chicken sliders much more palatable.

The bottom line

Whether you are cooking for a small group of people or throwing an outdoor party, BBQ chicken sliders can be the perfect appetizer.

If you want to take them up another notch with some great side dishes, hopefully, our article has helped.

The choice is yours, so give all of these BBQ chicken sliders side dishes a try and you can choose your favorite one.