6 Tempting Sides To Serve With Bbq Beef Sandwiches

bbq beef sandwich side dish

When it comes to summertime barbecues, the options are endless to find what to serve with BBQ beef sandwiches.

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Among a variety of choices out there, we have compiled the six typical recipes to accompany BBQ beef sandwiches and complete a hearty meal that can wow any guest.

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What are BBQ beef sandwiches?

BBQ beef sandwiches are a type of sandwich in which the filling contains BBQ beef.

BBQ beef is made by slow-roasting or grilling a whole cut of beef that is marinated in a BBQ sauce.

The resulting dish has a caramel color and a tender, juicy texture.

Cooked BBQ beef can be shredded or sliced into small pieces to be used as a filling for a sandwich.

It is placed between two halves of a hamburger bun, with or without other ingredients like dill pickles, veggies, or sauces.

BBQ beef sandwiches can be a great way to make use of leftover BBQ beef, and they work as a quick and nutritious meal.

What to consider when choosing a BBQ beef sandwich’s side dish?

You won’t want to ruin your BBQ beef sandwich with the wrong side dish, right?

So what to consider to choose a good companion for your sandwich?

Let’s take a look at the following things:

BBQ beef sandwiches shouldn’t be served with a grain or other heavy side dishes

In fact, many people just consume a single BBQ beef sandwich as their meal because it contains all components: carbs from the buns, protein from the meat, and vitamins from veggies.

Therefore, a BBQ beef sandwich can even be served alone.

When it comes to a side dish for this sandwich, you shouldn’t opt for a starchy and too heavy side like rice or other grains because you might feel too full.

Opt for something light, low in carbs and fat

As already mentioned, a BBQ beef sandwich might be enough for a nutritious and hearty meal.

Therefore, the side dish (if any) should be something light and low in carb and is meant to complement the flavor of your sandwich and make it taste better.

You shouldn’t opt for a side that is too heavy, greasy, or savory.

6 best side dishes to serve with BBQ beef sandwiches

Here are the six side dishes that can be paired with your BBQ beef sandwiches without imperfection.

Read on and find the best recipe to show up at your next BBQ party:

1.     Baked beans

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Baked beans are a Southern staple that often works as a good side dish for a meat-based dish.

And of course, baked beans are great on the side of a BBQ beef sandwich.

This dish takes a while to achieve the tender texture of beans, but the earthy-sweet flavor of the resulting dish is worth the wait.

2.     Sweet potato fries

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Besides beans, you can also opt for potatoes to serve with your BBQ beef sandwiches.

Since the sandwich is quite filling on its own, a bowl of mashed potatoes might be a bit too heavy in this case.

But you will definitely want sweet potato fries.

The crispiness of this dish makes it so easy and satisfying to eat, as a snack or a side dish to accompany your beef sandwich.

3.     Macaroni salad

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For those who want a salad, but are afraid of getting hungry too soon, like when eating a green salad, macaroni salad will be your choice.

A macaroni salad is made of boiled macaroni pasta with other ingredients like bell pepper, celery, pickles, mustard, and sour cream.

It is lighter than mac and cheese, but heavier than a regular vegetable salad, but you will love how its flavor blends perfectly with BBQ beef sandwiches.

4.     Fruit salad

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If you are on a special diet and want to lose some weight, a fruit salad might be enough to serve with your BBQ beef sandwich.

Fruit salads are made of different kinds of fresh fruits, such as mango, berries, apples, kiwi, avocado, olives, grapes, or pineapple, dressed with condensed meal, syrup, or mayonnaise.

The refreshing taste and vibrant look of a fruit salad can make you want to take a bite at first sight and can help balance the rich and savory flavor of the sandwich.

5.     Coleslaw

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Another salad that works well with BBQ beef sandwiches is coleslaw.

Coleslaw is a classic and simple salad recipe that exists in different variants in different cuisines.

Normally, it consists of shredded cabbage and carrot, with mayonnaise as the dressing.

But coleslaw can also contain other ingredients like herbs, red onion, seeds, or nuts.

This side dish is perfect to offset the rich taste of your BBQ beef sandwich, and you can even put it into the buns as a part of the filling.

6.     Cornbread

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Our last suggestion to serve with BBQ beef sandwiches is cornbread.

Cornbread is a popular dish in Southern cuisine.

It is one of the easiest baking recipes, and corn is also a very affordable ingredient, making this dish preferred across the country.

Cornbread should have a soft, but dense, and crumbly texture, and a sweet taste of dairy products and corn.

The bottom line

It’s time to take a general look at our list of six best side dishes to serve with BBQ beef sandwiches again and pick your favorite recipe.

There is no right or wrong answer on which side dish works best with your BBQ beef sandwiches, but it all depends on your preference.