8 Amazing Side Dishes To Pair With Your Barbeque Chicken

barbeque chicken side dish

Barbeque chicken is an iconic item when it comes to summertime.

It is delicious on its own, but if you serve your barbeque chicken with the right companion, you can have a restaurant-quality meal that is filled with mouth-watering dishes.

So read on, fire up the grill, and get cooking!

What is barbeque chicken?

Barbeque chicken, or barbecue chicken, is a popular dish that is made by cooking chicken (normally by grilling) in a barbecue sauce, which can be made from scratch or bought pre-made from any grocery store.

Cut-up chicken is a common choice in this recipe rather than a whole chicken.

You can opt for chicken wings, chicken thighs, chicken drumsticks, or even chicken breast for barbecuing.

The resulting dish has a nice crispy crust with a vibrant red to brown color, and the meat should be juicy and tender to reach perfection. 

What to consider when choosing barbeque chicken’s side dish?

Barbeque chicken is a favorite of all ages.

But it will be even tastier on the side of the right side dish.

So what to consider when choosing a good accompaniment for your barbeque chicken?

Here are some tips from us that can be helpful for you:

Barbeque chicken is often served with a Southern side dish

There are many options for you to choose from when it comes to a barbeque chicken side dish.

However, in fact, this dish is often served with a Southern companion, which often features beans, corn, or biscuits.

Consider the number of people who will be eating your meal before cooking

Since a barbeque party is typically meant to serve a crowd, you better consider the number of people who will be at your party.

This can make sure that everyone will have enough food in time.

8 best side dishes to serve with the barbeque chicken

The eight side dishes below will definitely satisfy your taste buds when served with barbeque chicken:

1.     Corn pudding

Corn pudding is our first suggestion to serve with your succulent, sticky barbeque chicken.

Corn pudding is commonly eaten in daily meals of people from the south, and it is due to good reasons.

This side dish is affordable, delicious, and easy to make.

2.     Baked beans

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Baked beans are a classic side dish in America, especially in southern cuisine.

This side dish takes a while to tenderize the beans, but the resulting dish is very tender, nutty, earthy, and sweet, which is perfect to offset the savory taste of barbeque chicken

3.     Mexican street corn

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Corn has always been one of the top choices when serving a meat-based dish.

Mexican street corn, also known as corn on the cob, is a great accompaniment to enjoy at the next BBQ party.

You can have this side dish cooked on the same grill as your barbeque chicken.

The buttery and flavorful taste of Mexican street corn can definitely melt you down and make your meal more enjoyable.

4.     Biscuits

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Biscuits are another common companion for chicken.

This Southern staple can be crispy or soft in texture depending on the recipe.

And there are a variety of biscuit recipes for you to choose from, either sweet or savory.

5.     Quinoa salad

Quinoa salad is the best choice for those who like the refreshing taste of a salad but still want something starchy from grain.

Nobody makes salads from rice, so quinoa is the ideal choice in this case.

You can mix other veggies like cucumber, red onion, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, baby bok choy, with olive oil, red wine vinegar, and maple syrup for a balanced, rich but still light dressing.

Quinoa salad is packed with flavors and nutrients, making sure that you can have a delicious side dish to enjoy with barbeque chicken without sacrificing your health.

6.     Green/fruit salad

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Besides a quinoa salad which can provide you with some carbs to keep you fuller, a green or fruit salad can work in this case too.

This kind of salad has a crunchy texture and refreshing flavor that can help you enjoy your barbeque chicken more without feeling greasy.

Green or fruit salads are also easy to make because what you need to do is mix different kinds of raw and fresh veggies/fruits with a kind of salad dressing.

7.     French fries

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French fries are one of the most famous finger foods that you can find in any fast-food chain.

They are also easy to make at home with only potatoes.

You can sprinkle any powdered spice you like over your crispy fried potatoes, including garlic powder, onion salt, black pepper, celery salt, or cayenne pepper for a more flavorful taste.

The best part is, French fries especially pair well with chicken, like barbeque chicken.

8.     Mac and cheese

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Let’s finish the list with a creamy bowl of mac and cheese.

This classic combination is favored by anyone, and it is so satisfying to enjoy the savoriness, creaminess, and sweetness of mac and cheese alongside barbeque chicken.

However, a meal of barbeque chicken and mac and cheese should be considered a treat meal and consumed occasionally because it is quite high in calories.

The bottom line

Barbeque chicken is a summer classic that everyone loves, so why not add some extra flare this year?

Which of the aforementioned recipes sounds better to you?

The options are endless, so get creative and have fun with it, then you can figure out yourself the best side dish to serve with barbeque chicken.

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