7 Delicious Side Dishes To Accompany Your Baked Pork Chops

baked pork chop side dish

Serving baked pork chops is a breeze, but what to serve with them can be tricky.

This blog post will give you some delicious ideas that will have everyone asking for more when served with baked pork chops.

So grab your pork chops and get cooking!

What are baked pork chops?

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Baked pork chops are a delicious dish that is easy to make.

As the name implies, the recipe calls for either boneless or bone-in pork chops that are baked in the oven with olive oil and other spices like garlic powder, brown sugar, black pepper, or Italian seasoning.

It can be coated with panko for a crispier crust.

This dish doesn’t take very long at all, and it should come out juicy and delicious.

What to consider when choosing a baked pork chops’ side dish?

In this part, let’s discuss some key factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a good side dish for your baked pork chops:

Baked pork chops can be served with a starchy side or a vegetable-based one

Baked pork chops work with both a starchy side dish and a vegetable side dish.

A starchy companion like rice or bread will keep you fuller, but if you are cutting your carb intake, it is totally fine to just pair your baked pork chops with some vegetables.

Vegetables help add nutrients, colors, and texture to your meal without sacrificing flavors. 

Consider making a side dish that has a contrasting flavor and color to make your meal more appealing and satisfying

Baked pork chops have a golden color on the outside and white meat inside, so when looking for a side dish to serve with this main course, try something that has a contrasting color.

For example, vegetables with a vibrant orange or green color can be a good option.

This makes your meal look more appealing that everyone wants to take a bite.

Moreover, the savory taste of baked pork chops also works with a sweet, mild, or sour taste from the side dish, which gives you so many choices to opt for.

7 best side dishes to serve with baked pork chops

We have compiled a list of the seven best side dishes that are great when paired with baked pork chops, so give them a try next time:

1.     Fried rice with vegetables

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Fried rice with vegetables is a filling and delicious side dish that is typically served in Asian cuisine.

It is simply rice that is steamed then fried with eggs and chopped vegetables like carrots, peas, corn kernels, and green onions.

This meat-free accompaniment can keep you fuller while making the main dish even taste better.

2.     Glazed carrots

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Glazed carrots are another option that you can serve with your baked pork chops.

With just some easy-to-find and inexpensive ingredients like baby carrots, butter, olive oil, brown sugar, and black pepper, you can have a vibrant side dish with a sweet side to pair with savory pork chops.

3.     Cornbread

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Cornbread is a Southern staple that works well with different meat recipes, including baked pork chops.

Cornbread is one of the easiest baking recipes.

It is filling and very delicious with the pleasantly sweet taste of corn which is a perfect addition to chicken, beef, or pork dishes.

4.     Dinner rolls

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If you prefer something fluffy but don’t like the taste of corn, try serving your baked pork chops with dinner rolls.

Dinner rolls used to be a typical dinner option, but now it works as a perfect side dish for meat dishes to enjoy at any time of the day.

5.     Butternut squash soup

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What about a bowl of hot soup to serve with your baked pork chops?

This will be an excellent way to go for a winter meal.

Butternut squash soup has a beautiful color, rich, and creamy that works well with baked pork chops.

6.     Salads

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For those who are looking for a lighter accompaniment for your baked pork chops, then go with salads.

A green or a fruit salad can both work in this case.

You will have a vegan dish that is easy to make and very healthy.

The crunchy texture and refreshing taste of salads can balance your meal and make it more appetizing.

7.     French fries

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You can also opt for some classic French fries to serve with your baked pork chops.

French fries can be eaten alone as a snack, but they literally work with a fried, grilled, or baked meat dish too.

This dish can also get whatever flavor from the spices you use.

The bottom line

From a classic side dish like French fries, cornbread, or salads to a more complicated and modern one like butternut squash soup and glazed carrots, we have got it covered.

Now that you know how to serve up some delicious and juicy baked pork chops with other side dishes, what is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments which ones you like best to accompany baked pork chops.

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