Asian Vs. Mexican Spicy Food: Which Spicy Dish is Better?

Mexican food and Asian food are two different entities.

However, when it comes to Asian spicy food, you will find some things in common with the cuisine from the other side of the globe.

In this article, let’s compare Asian spicy food and Mexican food to see how they distinguish from each other so that you can choose a favorite cuisine if you are a fan of hot dishes.

What is special about Asian spicy food?

Asian cuisine is a broad term that encompasses many regional cuisines.

One thing most people agree on is that Asian food tends to have more spice than the average meal in Western countries, but not all Asian food is spicy.

Spicy food is part of Asian cuisine, and some Asian countries that are reputed for their spicy food are Thailand, China, Indonesia, India, and Korea.

Asian spicy food can provide you with different levels of spiciness, from a subtle one to the hottest that can literally burn your tongue even if you are a fan of spicy food.

Some typical spicy Asian food can be the Mala sauce from Szechuan Chinese cuisine, Indian curries that are made from Ghost Chilli, Pad Thai, or stir-fried octopus from Korea.

The main reason for these spicy dishes is the use of different kinds of chili peppers in fresh, dry, powder, or paste form.

Several countries also use other heating agents like ginger root, cinnamon, or curry powder.

What is special about Mexican food?

Mexican food is a cuisine that has many aspects to it.

There are the traditional recipes, like enchiladas and tacos, but also other foods that have been mixed in with Mexican dishes over time, such as French fries or ranch dressing.

These new additions to the cuisine make it more accessible for people who might not be used to these ingredients or cooking methods.

No wonder why Mexican food is a favorite of many people from all over the world.

One thing that sets Mexican food apart from other types is its simplicity, yet delicious flavors.

Mexican food must have some type of chili pepper in it, therefore, it is considered one of the hottest cuisines in the world.

Corn is another staple in Mexican cuisine, and you can literally have it everywhere in Mexico.

They can turn this simple ingredient into numerous mouth-watering dishes, such as corn tortillas, Mexican street corn (Elote), or corn salad.

Beans and rice are also commonly consumed in this country.

What are the differences between Asian spicy food vs Mexican food?

There are several differences between Asian spicy food and Mexican food, as mentioned below:

Asian spicy food and Mexican food have two different origins

It is obvious that Asian spicy food’s origin is different from Mexican food’s origin.

Asian spicy food originated in Asian cuisine, which means any kind of spicy food in any Asian country, such as Thailand, China, India, or Korea.

Meanwhile, Mexican food comes from Mexican cuisine which has been influenced by different cultures, such as South American, French, West African, and the Caribbean.

The main ingredients in Mexican food are corn, beans, and rice, while they are noodles, seafood, and sauce in Asian spicy food

Another difference between Mexican food and spicy Asian food is that any dish from Mexican cuisine can be spicy.

They can be rice, corn, or beans, which are three staples in Mexican cooking.

On the other hand, most spicy dishes in Asian cuisine are noodles or seafood dishes, or some kind of spicy sauce to serve with other dishes.

Mexican cuisine mainly uses different kinds of chili peppers while Asian cuisine also uses other kinds of heating agents

The main ingredient that is used to add a spicy kick to most Mexican dishes is chili peppers.

It is said that there are more than 100 chili varieties in this country, therefore, no wonder why Mexican food is reputed for being very spicy.

On the other hand, Asian spicy food can be made by combining different kinds of spices that provide heat such as cinnamon, basil, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, and spearmint besides chili peppers.

What are the similarities between Asian spicy food vs Mexican food?

Despite some differences between spicy Asian food and Mexican food that are mentioned in the previous section, these two kinds of food have some features in common, as listed below:

Both kinds of food are spicy

The first similarity that anyone can recognize is that spicy Asian food and Mexican food are both spicy, as the name implies.

Therefore, if you are sensitive to spiciness, you should ask the cook to adjust the level to milder to get rid of burning your tongue.

Asian spicy food and Mexican food focus on using fresh ingredients

Another common thing between Asian spicy food and Mexican food is that they both rely on fresh ingredients in their cooking.

They are not likely to have to use canned food or processed food like in American cuisine, all their ingredients are fresh and can easily be found locally.

Which one is better?

Mexican food is known for its tacos, burritos, and enchiladas.

You will find a lot of spices in this cuisine as well like cumin, thyme, oregano, and chili powder to give it the spiciness that you crave.

On the other hand, Asian spicy dishes are quite different from what we know as “Mexican” flavors because they use ingredients like ginger or garlic besides chilies for their taste.

If you are a big fan of spicy food, these two cuisines should never be ignored.

Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comment section below.

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