Arabic Vs American Food: 5 Differences Between Arab And American Cuisines

Arab food is not just a cuisine, it is an entire culture.

So have you wondered what people eat in this wealthy region? And is their food different from American cuisine? If these questions have once come to your mind, keep reading and find the answer in this article.

What is special about Arabic food?

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Arabic food is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world.

It originated from a blend of Persian, Turkish, Indian, and African cuisine and has evolved over centuries to suit the tastes and needs of its inhabitants.

Arabic recipes are typically passed down from generation to generation.

The spice combinations in the dishes can be traced back hundreds of years ago when people used ingredients they had on hand or could find locally.

They often use dates as a sweetener or preservative instead of sugar, while Western desserts might use honey or corn syrup.

Arabic cuisine also varies depending on regional differences.

For example, Moroccan cooking uses cinnamon heavily whereas Lebanese cooking uses lots of garlic and lemons but less cumin.

Machboos is one of the most favorite and popular dishes in the Arab world.

It can be served with either meat or fish over Basmati rice with numerous spices, such as black peppercorns, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, whole cloves, paprika powder, ground nutmeg, and cinnamon stick.

What is special about American food?

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The United States of America, as the name implies, is a country where different cultures gather.

Food is a big part of American culture and its cuisine is different from region to region.

American food includes a wide variety of dishes ranging from BBQ to hot dogs and hamburgers.

Americans strongly rely on processed and canned food because they prefer convenience instead of making a meal from scratch.

Therefore, American dishes are usually high in fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

Americans also eat a lot of soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or Sprites.

American cooking calls for numerous dairy products like butter, cream, milk, or cheese.

Therefore, their dishes are usually packed with a creamy taste, but relatively heavy for your stomach.

What are the differences between Arabic food vs American food?

Arabic food and American food are two completely different cuisines.

Therefore, when it comes to comparing these two types of cuisine, there are many characteristics that set them apart from each other:

Arabic cuisine places more emphasis on the use of spices while American cuisine relies heavily on salt and pepper

Arabic recipes generally use more spices to enhance flavor.

Their dishes usually call for garlic, onion, chili pepper, cumin, cilantro, coriander, cinnamon, and many others.

These condiments can be used in fresh, dried, or powdered form to create a vibrant color to Arabic food as well as a flavorful taste.

Meanwhile, Americans simply marinate or season their dishes with salt and pepper, or sugar.

They also use cloves and or rosemary as well, but just in some certain recipes.

Arabic dishes are usually served with rice while Americans eat mashed potatoes, bread, or baked beans

Rice, especially Basmati rice, is a staple in Arabic cuisine.

They almost have rice in every meal to enjoy with other savory dishes, or as a cooking ingredient in a recipe.

On the other hand, Americans eat cereal, wheat-based food like bread, pasta, or mashed potatoes, and baked beans.

Arabic cooking includes more vegetables while American cuisine is heavier on meat

In general, Arabic cuisine is healthier because their meals contain more vegetables and fresh ingredients than American dishes, which strongly rely on canned food and meat.

However, although Americans eat more meat, they mainly consume lean meat like chicken breast or pork tenderloin to cut down the cholesterol and fat intake.

Americans tend to drink soda, milk, or juice while Arabs often have tea or coffee instead

Americans usually have soft drinks, fruit juice, or milk as an accompaniment to their meal, whereas Arabic people serve tea and coffee after eating their main courses.

What are the similarities between Arabic food vs American food?

Despite some key differences that have been mentioned above, American food and Arabic food also share some similarities:

Arabic food and American food vary between different regions

The Arab world consists of 22 countries from the Middle East and North Africa, therefore, when it comes to Arabic cuisine, there are many regional cuisines from this part of the world.

It is also true to American cuisine.

Although the United States is just one country, the cuisine from one region is also different from the other, such as the West and East, North and South.

Moreover, there are immigrants from all over the world in America, therefore, there are a lot of differences within these regional cuisines in the US.

Both are nutritious and flavorful

No matter if it is an Arabic or American dish, it is cooked with love and packed with many flavors and nutrients.

Not only your stomach is satisfied but also your taste buds.

Which one is better?

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American and Arabic food each has its own merits and it all depends on what you’re looking for when eating a meal.

But, if we had to choose just one, we would go with the culture of Arabic cooking- they are both rich in flavor but so different from the Western world or American foods! So take some time out today to explore these amazing dishes that come straight from this part of the world.

You won’t be disappointed by how delicious everything tastes!

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