Which Beef Is Better? Find Out The Difference Between Angus And Wagyu Beef!

angus beef vs wagyu beef

When it comes to Wagyu beef, people think of the premium beef quality, therefore, Angus beef is often seen as inferior to its Wagyu counterpart.

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But what is the truth? Is Angus beef really underrated this time? Let’s delve into this topic in the article below and compare these two kinds of beef to see if one is better than the other.

What is Angus beef?

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Angus beef is a name for meat from cattle of the breed known as Angus.

The term refers to one of four breeds that are descendants of Scottish Highland Cattle.

The most common type of beef in the United States, it is very popular outside America too, where it has been exported since 1873.

It has a good flavor and texture and because it comes from cows with high muscle tone, fat content tends to be lower than most types of red meat, making it healthier for you!

Angus beef can come in many forms including ground beef, steaks, and roasts.

In America, Angus beef must meet certain qualifications.

And there are a number of different grades available for purchase based on how much marbling (intramuscular fat) they have.

What is Wagyu beef?

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Wagyu is a type of cattle that originated from Japan.

Wagyu beef means the meat from this breed, which literally translates to “Japanese cow.” Wagyu beef refers to four breeds which are Kobe, Matsusaka, Omi, and Mishima among others.

Each breed has its own unique characteristics, but they all have one thing in common- they produce an exquisite flavor that many people find irresistible.

These cows are bred for their fat content which produces the marbling effect in their meat.

The higher the fat content, the more tender and flavorful the meat will be.

The process of producing this high-quality beef includes massaging (sometimes with sake), feeding them beer and corn, and providing a stress-free environment with classical music for them to live in.

This special raising method makes it one of the most expensive meats on earth with some cuts costing up to $200 per pound.

There’s no better way to spend your money than on quality food you can savor over dinner or share with family members.

What are the differences between Angus beef vs Wagyu beef?

Angus beef and Wagyu beef are two high-quality kinds of beef.

Since they come from two different breeds with two completely distinct methods to raise them, their meat differs in many ways.

The comparison table below will show you in detail:

 Angus beefWagyu beef
Raising methodAngus cows are fed a healthy and balanced diet, with grains and grassesWagyu cows are fed special food, like corn and beer; receive regular massage; treat to classical music to relax
Texture and fat contentLeaner and has a higher amount of proteinHigh level of unsaturated fat such as oleic acid, making it much more tender
TasteMoist and flavorfulMore flavorful, buttery, sweet, a hint of umami
PriceLess expensiveMore expensive

What are the similarities between Angus beef vs Wagyu beef?

Despite the key differences between Angus beef and Wagyu beef, they also have a lot in common:

1. They are high-quality red meat that is sold at a higher price than regular beef

Angus cows and especially Wagyu cows are treated with the best living environment and diet, therefore, they produce the best beef.

Wagyu beef will be considered to be better, but both are high-quality and are not only extremely tasty but also healthier than regular red meat.

You can find Angus beef more expensive than the conventional counterpart at any grocery store.

When it comes to Wagyu beef, it is even more premium and not anyone can buy the real type from Japan.

Wagyu beef is only sold at several restaurants throughout the country, and it is almost impossible to buy a cut of Wagyu beef at retail.

2. They can be cooked the same way

Despite the slight differences in the texture and flavor of Angus beef and Wagyu beef, they can be cooked the same way.

The reason is both are packed with marbling fat, which will result in juicy and tender meat when properly cooked.

They are perfect for grilling or slow-cooking so that the beef melts in your mouth and lingers the most flavorful taste on your tongue.

Which one is better?

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After understanding the distinction between Wagyu and Angus beef, it is clear that they are not at all alike.

It’s interesting to see how people react when comparing these two types of meat because you can get a better sense of their tastes from this comparison.

In general, it could be true to say that Wagyu beef is of higher quality, no wonder it is sold at a higher price, which not everyone from the middle class can afford.