American Food And Puerto Rican Food: What Makes Puerto Rican Food Special From The Average American Food?

A lot of people are not familiar with Puerto Rican food.

It is a cuisine that offers some tasty dishes, but it can be hard to find in the United States.

In this post, we are going to explore what makes Puerto Rican food different from American food and how you might cook up some new dishes at home.

Let’s check it out!

What is special about American food?

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If you are looking for a way to spice up your kitchen repertoire, try cooking American food.

The United States is the melting pot of the world and has influenced many cultures through immigration over its history.

This means that there are delicious dishes from all over the world available in America, with something to suit every taste.

More importantly, it’s easy for an American housewife to find ingredients at their local supermarket or grocery store that will help them cook any dish they choose.

From burgers, pasta, or pizza to crispy fried chicken, Americans enjoy a wide variety of these comfort foods that are often served with French fries, mashed potatoes, or coleslaw on the side.

What is special about Puerto Rican food?

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Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean Sea, which means that there are a lot of tropical fruits available to them all year round.

 In addition to this, they also have access to seafood such as lobster and mahi-mahi.

Puerto Rican cuisine is the perfect mixture of Spanish and African cuisines, creating a delicious blend that has become famous across the country.

People here eat rice, peas, and plantains as their main carb options.

Foods are often deep-fried or stewed in Puerto Rican cuisine and cooked with a lot of spices and herbs to achieve a flavorful and herbal taste.

They mainly make use of chicken and seafood instead of red meat like beef or pork.

What are the differences between American food vs Puerto Rican food?

We have taken a closer look at the following four differences between American food and Puerto Rican food.

Check out to see what separates the two cuisines and makes them special in their own ways:

Puerto Rican food is more flavorful and pungent than American food

The flavor profile of Puerto Rican food is different from American food.

In general, American food is spicier, bolder, and more flavorful than American food.

Puerto Ricans use more pungent spices that provide their food with a more flavorful taste.

Meanwhile, American food is sweeter because it contains a lot of dairy products and sugar.

Puerto Rican food includes rice, cassava and yucca root, and plantain, while Americans eat potatoes and wheat-based products

Their carb options are also different from each other.

The Puerto Rican diet includes rice, yam, and plantain, while Americans often have mashed, baked, or fried potatoes with wheat-based items like cereal and bread on their meals.

Puerto Ricans eat more seafood, while Americans eat more meat, especially red meat

America is a meat-loving country.

There are some of the best cuts of meat here, and the daily meal of everyone is often packed with different meat-based dishes, especially beef, pork, and chicken.

On the other hand, Puerto Rican cuisine contains chicken, fish, and a lot of fresh seafood.

The main cooking methods in America involve the oven whereas Puerto Ricans have their foods fried or stewed

Another thing that sets these two cuisines apart from each other is their popular cooking methods.

Most cooking methods in American cuisine feature the conventional oven, such as roasting, baking, or broiling.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rican food is typically stewed or deep-fried.

What are the similarities between American food vs Puerto Rican food?

Now, let’s see what things in common between American food and Puerto Rican food:

Chicken and beans are widely eaten in both cuisines

Chicken and beans are two staples in American cuisine and Puerto Rican cuisine.

These ingredients can be cooked in different ways with their own traditional or modern recipes from each country, but all are delicious and can be done without any fuss.

American food and Puerto Rican vary from region to region

Both cuisines are diverse with many regional food cultures.

You can find countless delicious dishes from the two cuisines to satisfy your taste buds on different occasions and moods.

Which one is better?

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We have provided some basic understandings about American food and Puerto Rican food.

As you can see, there are a lot of differences as well as similarities between these two cuisines.

You can try out new recipes from authentic Puerto Rican and American cuisines for yourself in your own kitchen, or just order some delicacies from a delivery service or restaurant that offers the best American food or Puerto Rican food.

Happy eating!

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