American Food Vs. Nigerian Food: Learn The Differences And Similarities Between The Two Cuisines

We all have our favorite type of food.

In this post, we are going to delve into the two cuisines in the world, Nigerian and American to see how they differ or share any similarities with each other.

After that, you will know which country offers more dishes that you prefer.

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What is special about American food?

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There is a lot of variation in the types of foods that make up America’s cuisine, but the most important thing to keep in mind when cooking it at home is “accessibility.” For example, many dishes are designed for immediate consumption and can be eaten right out of the pot or pan.

This makes them perfect for family meals and small gatherings with friends.

American cuisine features different kinds of food, from meat, vegetables, grains, to seafood in coastal areas.

They mainly focus on lean cuts of some common kinds of meat like pork, beef, chicken, and turkey, with raw vegetables and fruits for salads or roasting.

They also have a lot of sweet dishes that are made up of dairy products like butter, cream, cheese, or milk.

Most of the cooking methods involve the conventional oven, which is equipped in almost every household.

What is special about Nigerian food?

America, The Cookbook

Nigerian food is one of the most diverse and rich cuisines in Africa.

While much of it may seem like common dishes, there’s a lot that makes Nigerian food special and unique.

For example, many Nigerians eat jollof rice which is typically served with chicken or beef; however, you can easily find different versions including goat meat and shrimp.

This dish alone shows how diverse Nigerian cuisine really is.

Additionally, Nigeria has over 500 languages spoken throughout its territories making their culture incredibly rich as well as their cuisine.

You’ll find fried plantains, fufu (a staple made from cassava), groundnut soup (made with peanuts), suya (grilled skewers) just to name a few other delicious treats.

Indigenous people tend to use a lot of spices in their dishes, making Nigerian food always look vibrant and taste flavorful.

There are also many sauce and soup dishes in Nigerian cuisine to serve alongside rice or fried plantains.

What are the differences between American food vs Nigerian food?

There are many things that set American food and Nigerian food apart from each other.

Here are the three typical differences between the two cuisines:

Nigerian food is spicier and bolder in flavor than American food

The first difference is the flavor profile of their foods.

Nigerian food tends to be spicier and bolder in flavor because they tend to use more pungent spices in their recipes.

Meanwhile, American food is sweeter and milder as the most common condiments are salt and pepper, with the sweetness from sugar and dairy products.

Fresh or dried herbs are added to enhance the flavor of their dishes.

The staple carb foods of Nigeria are yam, rice, and plantain, while Americans eat wheat-based products, corn, and potatoes

Another difference between Nigerian food and American food is that Nigerian food is their carb.

Nigerians eat yam, rice, and fried plantains in their daily meals.

These inexpensive ingredients are versatile and can help them fill their empty stomach without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, Americans often serve mashed, roasted, or fried potatoes, cornbread, or wheat-based pastry or bread to enjoy with their savory dishes.

Americans often have their food baked, grilled, or roasted, while Nigerians offer more stew and soup dishes

The last feature that separates American food and Nigerian food is their common cooking methods.

Almost all American kitchens are equipped with an oven for many baking or roasting recipes.

Grilling on the coal or electric grill is another popular way of cooking, especially when they want to celebrate an outdoor party.

Meanwhile, Nigerian food includes more soups, stews, or sauces, which contain more liquid to serve along with drier delicacies.

What are the similarities between American food vs Nigerian food?

Now, let’s see if the two cuisines share any similarities.

Here are the two things in common between American food and Nigerian food: 

Beef and chicken are two main kinds of meat used in American cuisine and Nigerian cuisine

The two cuisines share the same common types of meat, which are beef and chicken.

However, in Nigeria, people eat more offal meat from the chicken or the cow, such as the cow foot, liver, tongue, or kidney than Americans.

Their cuisines are diverse with many dishes from different ingredients

Another similarity between the two cuisines is their diversity.

Both offer numerous dishes that are made from different kinds of ingredients, from meat to seafood, carb, and vegetables, making eaters like us have a lot of options to choose from.

Which one is better?

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After reading our article, we believe that you now have a better understanding of Nigerian cuisine and American cuisine and know how they differ from each other.

In general, Nigerian food is fresher and bolder in flavor compared to American food, which is often more convenient and comforting.

So which kind of food do you prefer? Let us know in the comment section below.

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