American Food Vs. Mayan Food: How Is Mayan Food Different From American Food?

The Mayans are known for their rich, ancient culture and delicious food.

Not everyone knows about Mayan cuisine, which is not common and famous like American food.

If you have wondered what ancient Mayans ate and how different it is compared to American fairs, this article is for you.

What is special about American food?

American food is known for being rich and relatively heavy because they use a lot of dairy products in their recipes.

There are tons of recipes to follow and they are quite simple.

From cheesy ranch chicken strips, apple pies, to clam chowder or Southern fried chicken, you will have countless options of food to choose from.

American cuisine is also famous for many fast-food restaurants because people prefer convenient and hearty meals without much effort to prepare or cook them.

They are also likely to use a lot of processed and canned foods to save time spent in the kitchen.

To make their typical meal healthier, Americans often serve their dishes with salads or roasted vegetables for more minerals and vitamins added.

What is special about Mayan food?

The Mayan culture has many fascinating traditions, and their food is especially interesting.

One of the most popular dishes is Pibil, which is made with achiote (a spice), garlic, onion, salt, pepper, and lime juice.

The ingredients are combined to make an amazing dish that has been around for centuries.

The Mayan diet also includes other staples such as corn tortillas and beans.

These two items were used by the ancient civilization to feed their people during times of war or famine.

They would use these ingredients to create tacos called Tlayudas that were thick enough to be eaten without cutlery so they could take them on long journeys.

In general, Mayan food is quite similar to Mexican food that features a lot of corn, beans, spices, salads, but with pork, turtles, iguanas, and wild birds instead of chicken or beef.

What are the differences between American food vs Mayan food?

There are many things that set American food apart from Mayan food.

Below are some typical differences between these two cuisines:

Mayan food is bolder in flavor compared to American food

Mayan food is generally bolder in flavor because they tend to use a lot of hot chili peppers in different forms, from fresh or dried.

They also use other spices like epazote, achiote, canella, garlic vine, Mexican oregano, or allspice.

Americans tend to prefer the sweet taste rather than spiciness, therefore, they use a lot of dairy products, sugar, with some salt and pepper to season their foods.

Mayan food is made from fresh ingredients while American food features a lot of processed and canned foods

Another difference between Mayan food and American food is that Mayan food is fresher because it is made from fresh ingredients that are locally grown and sourced.

Meanwhile, Americans eat foods from all over the world, including many frozen ingredients.

They also prefer using canned products due to the convenience of these items.

Corn, beans, and rice are staples in Mayan cuisine, whereas Americans eat potatoes and wheat-based products

Another thing that separates the two cuisines is their carb options.

As already mentioned, Mayan cuisine is relatively similar to Mexican cuisine, in which corn, beans, and rice play an important role.

Meanwhile, Americans have their meals served with potatoes or other wheat-based products like bread or pastry.

Mayans eat pork and other kinds of wild meat, while Americans mainly eat beef, chicken, turkey, and pork

Their meat options also differ from each other.

Mayans often eat pork.

Especially, ancient Mayans ate wild meat, including wild birds.

What are the similarities between American food vs Mayan food?

Here are some similarities between American food and Mayan food that you can find in both cuisines:

American cuisine and Mayan cuisine are made from ingredients from different food groups

Both cuisines are diverse as you can find a lot of dishes that are made from different ingredients.

Although Mayan cuisine is less diverse than the American counterpart because the United States is a melting pot of many cultures from all over the world, Mayan food still offers numerous delicacies.

Pork and corn are featured in both cuisines

Pork and corn are two of many staples in American cuisine and Mayan cuisine.

There are many delicious dishes that are made from these ingredients from these two cuisines to satisfy different taste buds.

Which one is better?

There might be some dishes from the ancient Mayan cuisine that we don’t have any chance to try today, but you can still find many restaurants or regions that serve Mayan food.

To compare it with American food, we would say it is bolder, fresher, but less diverse.

However, choosing what kind of cuisine is your favorite will actually come down to your personal preference.

Try dishes from both Mayan cuisine and American cuisine to figure out what your taste buds like the most.

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