American Food Vs. Barcelona Food: Which Cuisine Offers Better Foods?

Barcelona is a Spanish city with a rich history, and the food there has been a special thing in Spanish culture.

So how is Barcelona food different from the regular American diet and which cuisine is more appealing to you? You can have the answer after reading this article.

What is special about American food?

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It can be true to say that American cuisine is the most diverse cuisine in the world.

The reason is this country gathers the most population from different states in the world, hence the name The United States.

Immigrants have brought their cuisines to America over time, resulting in an eclectic cuisine with plenty of variations.

Regarding traditional American dishes, you will find dairy-rich dishes that feature butter, cream, milk, or cheese to achieve a creamy texture and buttery taste.

No matter if you are cooking a savory dish or a sweet one for desserts, it is hard to not see these ingredients in any cooking recipe in America.

Americans often make use of the whole cut of meat, usually beef, pork, chicken, or turkey rather than slicing or chunking in small pieces before cooking.

This helps keep the moisture and flavors inside the meat.

Vegetables like lettuce, onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, or spinach are eaten raw in salads.

Other starchy vegetables can be baked or stewed.

Seafood is not a strong point in American cuisine although they do have this ingredient in their diet, but just sometimes and mainly in coastal regions.

American cuisine is also famous for its fast food with numerous reputed brands like Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or KFC.

What is special about Barcelona food?

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Barcelona is a beautiful city with so much to figure out.

This Spanish northeast city has a long coastline, so it has both meat and seafood dishes to offer.

The people of Catalonia are known for their love of family traditions and celebrations, as well as being very creative with their dishes.

In Barcelona, you will find dishes like paella, which is made with rice, different kinds of seafood, and vegetables.

The city also has some great bakeries where you can find tasty treats like churros and alfajores de chocolate.

They also use a lot of black olives, olive oil, and tomato sauce in their cooking, which results in a rich texture and taste in Barcelona food.

What are the differences between American food vs Barcelona food?

There are some key differences between American food and Barcelona food.

These distinctive features will not only help differentiate these two cuisines but also make someone prefer one cuisine over the other:

American food uses butter whereas Barcelona food uses olive oil

In American cooking, dairy products play an important role.

Butter is widely used in almost all recipes, from savory to sweet.

Meanwhile, Barcelona’s food has been influenced by Mediterranean cuisine, so it mainly uses olive oil to cook its food instead of butter.

American food is heavier on meat, while Barcelona food is mainly based on seafood

Another difference between Barcelona food and American food is their main protein options.

In America, you can find more meat-based dishes that are made from different cuts of chicken, beef, pork, or turkey.

Meanwhile, Barcelona is a city with a long coastline, so it is no surprise that seafood is an integral part of this regional Spanish cuisine.

They eat different kinds of fish, shrimp, clam, squid, or mussels.

American food is often served with bread, mashed potatoes, or fries, while Barcelona food is served with rice

Their carb options also vary.

American food is traditionally served with bread, mashed potatoes, or French fries.

Rice is not popular in traditional American cooking, but rather appears in Chinese-American or other Asian cuisines here.

On the other hand, rice is widely eaten in Barcelona, with paella being the most famous dish that is made from rice with various ingredients like seafood and vegetables.

Barcelona food uses more spices than American food

In general, Barcelona food uses more spices than American food.

That’s why you can see Barcelona food has a more vibrant color and a spicier taste.

Cayenne pepper, paprika, or saffron are what provide the difference in the appearance and taste of Barcelona food compared to American dishes.

What are the similarities between American food vs Barcelona food?

Despite some key differences that are mentioned above, American food and Barcelona food have some similarities as well:

Cheese is popular in both cuisines

Cheese is a popular ingredient in both cuisines.

There are different kinds of cheese used in American cooking and Spanish cooking, both savory and sweet dishes.

The main purpose of using cheese is to add a cheesy texture and a salty and butter flavor to their dishes.

People from these two cuisines eat with forks and knives

Another thing in common between American food and Barcelona food is how they eat their food.

Both Americans and indigenous people from Barcelona have a standard European eating habit, with a fork in the left hand and a knife in the right hand.

Other finger foods or snacks can be eaten by hand.

Which one is better?

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In general, Barcelona’s food is very similar to the average Spanish cuisine.

It is different from American food in many ways, but they are also similar in several aspects.

However, both cuisines are equally delicious so it all depends on your personal preference to opt for a favorite cuisine between American food and Barcelona food.

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