9 Differences Between British Chinese Food And American Chinese Food

What will you do when you want to eat something that resembles Chinese food but you are living in the United States or the United Kingdom?

American Chinese dishes and British Chinese food are what you are looking for, but choosing one that you prefer over the other will be a hassle.

This article will help you make your decision by delving into each cuisine.

Let’s check it out!

What is special about American Chinese food?

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American Chinese dishes have their roots in China but are developed by Chinese Americans to adapt to the taste of America at the same time.

The fusion between Eastern and Western cooking has become a staple for many Americans, resulting in a variety of dishes that are served in many American Chinese restaurants in the North.

This form of cooking usually lacks the authenticity of its origins because some staples like rice won’t be presented on the plates, however, on the other hand, the dishes bring out many interesting things that one will love to figure out.

The American versions of Chinese food make it easier for home cooks to replicate Chinese dishes for their Chinese friends or family members.

The reason is they don’t need to strictly follow a fixed recipe and can substitute some indigenous ingredients with the easy-to-find counterparts in American kitchens and stores without completely changing the flavor.

Some popular American Chinese dishes that are loved by people from both countries are sweet and sour pork, General Tso chicken, or orange chicken.

What is special about British Chinese food?

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British Chinese food is Chinese dishes that have been improved by Chinese British people.

This cuisine is popular in the United Kingdom and some surrounding European countries.

Chinese cuisine was introduced to England by Chineses during the colonial era.

The diversity of the two cuisines make British Chinese food even more varied.

They differ from traditional dishes in their use of ginger, soy sauce, vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce to replace more authentic ingredients such as rice wine and oyster sauce.

British Chinese food incorporates traditional ingredients like soy sauce with new techniques such as frying vegetables instead of boiling them to create amazing textures and flavor for dishes, including sweet and sour pork, roasted duck, and chicken chow mein.

What are the differences between American Chinese and British Chinese food?

Although the dishes from American Chinese or British Chinese cuisine all originated from China, they have many differences from each other that set each kind of food apart:

Chinese food in America is often sweeter and less spicy than British Chinese food

Americans prefer to use sugar in their recipes, while British dishes are likely to contain chili peppers to add a kick of heat.

On the other hand, Chinese food is traditionally spicy itself, therefore, you will find that British Chinese dishes are usually spicier than their American counterpart.

American Chinese dishes are usually served with white rice while British Chinese dishes are often served with brown rice or without rice

Rice is a staple in Asian cuisine, including Chinese.

However, when reaching the West, Chinese dishes are usually served without rice which can be replaced with bread or pasta.

However, chances are you can find American Chinese food with more rice than British Chinese food.

A lot of American Chinese dishes are served with sauces and breading on them, while in Britain most of the dishes are stir-fried or steamed

American Chinese food is often a take on traditional dishes, and that’s clear from looking at how they are prepared.

Chinese American chefs are more likely to put in breading or sauce because those flavors will make the dish stand out when it arrives at your table.

On the other hand, stir-frying or steaming is more common in British Chinese cuisine because of its simplicity.

What are the similarities between American Chinese and British Chinese food?

Despite some key differences between American Chinese and British Chinese food, these two cuisines share some similarities, as mentioned below:

Both cuisines have some Chinese specialties like sweet and sour pork, chicken chow mein, or General Tso chicken

Sweet and sour pork or chicken, General Tso, and chow mein are some of the most typical dishes in Chinese cuisine.

You can also find these classics in America or in the United Kingdom that are made by Chinese chefs.

The familiar taste will be retained with a slight difference from the Western ingredients.

They are both delicious

No matter if it is American Chinese or British Chinese food, they are both delicious in their way.

Therefore, there will be no right or wrong to stick with one cuisine to another because someone will find the tempting thing about each kind of food.

Which one is better?

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This article has provided you with some useful information on both cuisines to help you make your decision on which one you should choose.

It’s actually up to you because each has its pros and cons that will suit someone’s taste buds.

British Chinese food might suit those who enjoy spiciness, whereas, American Chinese dishes are the way to go if you want to eat healthily with more vegetables.

Good luck with your choice!

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