Turkish Vs. Afghan: Which Culinary Genre Do You Prefer?

If you want to experience something different from your usual food, try Turkish or Afghan.

The cuisine is very different and it will be a nice change of pace for you.

In this blog post, we are going to compare the two cuisines so that you can decide which one sounds better.

Let’s get started!

What is special about Afghan food?

Afghan food is a blend of Pakistani, Indian, and Iranian cuisines.

The Afghan people are predominantly Muslim so they eat Halal meat and drink tea with milk in it.

Afghani cuisine includes kebabs, flatbreads called naan, rice dishes like chorizo pilaf, and yogurt sauces.

However, this can be difficult to find Afghan food outside this country and the surrounding regions because Afghanistan has been at war for decades which has caused many problems including a lack of infrastructure like roads or electricity that would allow for fresh produce to be shipped out of the country.

For centuries it was considered one of the world’s most important centers for trade in spices like nutmeg, pepper, cloves, and cinnamon.

When you enjoy Afghan food today what you’re tasting is a result of this long history.

The flavors are fresh and intense with plenty of herbs and spices that give them warmth and depth.

What is special about Turkish food?

Turkish food is a diverse cuisine, with influences from the Middle East and Mediterranean areas.

Turkey is a country with its territory located in both Asia and Europe, therefore, there is no wonder that Turkey cuisine is a very rich and diverse culture.

Turkish food reflects this diversity with its wide variety of dishes.

The most popular dish in Turkey is the kebab which comes in many different varieties such as doner, shish, or tandoori.

In fact, there are over 50 different types of kebabs.

What makes Turkish food so unique is the use of fresh ingredients like vegetables and herbs to create flavorful dishes that will leave you wanting more.

The staples in Turkish cooking are different kinds of meat (including lamb, chicken, or beef), vegetables, and legumes.

They also have a lot of liquid recipes, such as stews or soups to serve with various types of bread.

What are the differences between Afghan vs Turkish food?

Afghan food and Turkish food have many different things that make them unique.

Here are some typical differences that you can recognize between Afghan and Turkish cuisines:

Afghan cooking usually uses ghee butter while Turkish food uses olive oil

Afghan cooking uses a lot of dairy products, including ghee butter.

This ingredient does not only work as a type of cooking oil but also adds flavor to their dishes.

Meanwhile, olives are diverse in Turkey so they mainly use olive oil to cook.

Afghan people mainly eat lamb, while Turkish food includes lamb, chicken, or beef

In Afghanistan, lamb is popular because sheep farming has been an important industry for centuries.

On the other hand, Turks prefer beef cattle which can be found throughout Turkey due to its fertile land and temperate climate conditions.

They have lamb and chicken in their daily cooking as well.

Rice is a staple in Afghan cuisine while bread is more popular in Turkey

Afghan cuisine serves rice in every meal.

Typically, rice is steamed with spices and mixed with other ingredients like shredded carrot and raisins.

Meanwhile, dough-based specialties form an integral part of traditional Turkish cuisine, such as kebabs, doner kebab, or Turkish ravioli.

Afghan cooking uses a lot of dried fruits and nuts, whereas Turkish cooking relies on fresh fruits and vegetables

Another difference between these two cuisines is that Afghan cuisine tends to use dried fruits and nuts in their dishes to create a sweet taste.

Meanwhile, Turkish cooking strongly relies on fresh fruits and vegetables, they even serve vegetables raw in many of their recipes.

Afghan food is spicier while Turkish dishes are more flavorful

Afghan people are likely to add more chilies to their dishes, therefore, Afghan food is spicier than Turkish food.

Meanwhile, Turks use more spices with turmeric being one of their favorites because it is known for boosting immunity and improving digestion.

What are the similarities between Afghan vs Turkish food?

Despite some key differences between Afghan and Turkish food, these two cuisines also share several similarities, as listed below:

Yogurt is mainly used in both cuisines

Plain yogurt is one of the most common ingredients in both cuisines.

They consume this dairy product nearly every day.

They usually make their own yogurt as a way to preserve fresh milk.

Kebabs can easily be found in Afghanistan or Turkey

Kebabs are another staple in both countries.

This dish is usually sold in the street at a very reasonable price so that anyone from any class can afford this hearty, delicious, and quick dish.

Canned food is almost never used in both cuisines

Both Afghan and Turkish cuisines rely on fresh ingredients instead of using canned food like in American cuisine.

That’s why their food always has a fresh and natural taste from the ingredients.

Which one is better?

You can’t go wrong with either cuisine, but if you’re looking to experience something new and different from what you usually eat, then Turkish or Afghan food might be a good choice.

If the only thing holding you back is not knowing which one tastes better, hopefully, our article has helped.

Which of these two cuisines sounds more appealing? Let us know in the comments section.