Can You Tell The Difference Between Mediterranean Food And Afghan Cuisine?

In this blog post, we are going to compare Afghan food and Mediterranean food so if you are looking for new recipes to try, you know what you are sticking with.

Afghan cuisine or Mediterranean diet? Which one will work better for your health? Let’s figure it out!

What is special about Afghan food?

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In fact, Afghanistan is not well-known for its cuisine.

This is a small landlocked country with no coastline, which is one of the reasons why their food is often overlooked.

However, there are still some things to learn about this special cuisine.

Afghan food is usually made with fresh ingredients and spices that can be found in their homeland.

One dish that is very common is called Kabuli pulao which consists of rice, vegetables, nuts, raisins, and spices mixed together with lamb cooked on top.

Their main protein source is meat, especially lamb or beef.

Since they don’t have coastlines, Afghan cuisine doesn’t contain any seafood.

Besides rice, Afghan people also consume bread as one of their staples.

Kebabs are one of the popular dishes here and in some surrounding countries like Persia or Turkey.

Afghan food is generally spicy because of a variety of chilies in their recipes.

What is special about Mediterranean food?

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Mediterranean food has been around for centuries.

It is a healthy way of eating that focuses on fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

Their dishes are flavorful without being too heavy which makes it easy on the stomach.

Mediterranean food also includes moderate amounts of fish and a little red meat, that’s why their diet has been shown to improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart disease.

When it comes to Mediterranean food, there is a lot to figure out because this region contains a total of 22 countries with some great examples of cuisines like Greek, Spanish, Italian, or Morocco.

Their ingredients are typically cooked with olive oil.

Plain yogurt is a favorite and they usually add this dairy product to their dish as a dressing or topping for salads to add a tangy taste.

What are the differences between Afghan vs Mediterranean food?

In this section, you can have a closer look at how Afghan food and Mediterranean food differ from each other because we are going to put these two cuisines in comparison side by side.

Mediterranean food is more diverse than Afghan food

In general, Mediterranean food is much more diverse than Afghan food.

There are two reasons for this difference.

The first is the Mediterranean refers to all 22 countries belonging to this region, such as Greece, Italy, France, Spain, or Slovenia.

On the other hand, Afghan food is what can be found within this country.

The second reason is Mediterranean countries have more advantageous natural conditions.

They have access to all ingredients from different food groups, such as nuts, vegetables, meat, poultry, and seafood.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan is a landlocked country so they mainly consume meat and their diets nearly never include seafood.  

Afghan food is usually cooked with ghee butter, while most Mediterranean food is cooked with olive oil

Another difference between Afghan food and Mediterranean food is the ingredient that they use as cooking oil.

Afghans consume more dairy products, and they usually use ghee butter to cook and enhance the flavor of their dishes.

Meanwhile, the olive tree is the most economically important oil-producing crop in the Mediterranean.

Therefore, they mainly use olive oil in their recipes.

Afghan food is spicier than Mediterranean food

Afghan food is basically spicier than Mediterranean food because chili and black pepper are two common spices in this country.

Mediterranean dishes are more flavorful and they focus on using seasoning spices that help enhance flavors, such as oregano, thyme leaves, or garlic cloves rather than adding a spicy kick.

Afghan food is usually served with rice, whereas Mediterranean cuisine uses more flatbread

Naan bread is the most popular food in Mediterranean countries.

Rice, on the other hand, dominates Afghan cuisine but it also has a strong presence as well because of how much rice there is in that country.

Afghan food is less popular, while the Mediterranean diet is a trend of eating worldwide

It is obvious that Mediterranean food is one of the most popular and favorite cuisines in the world because of its diversity.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan is a small country with a low population, therefore, their cuisine is often overlooked.

What are the similarities between Afghan vs Mediterranean food?

Despite some key differences between Afghan food and Mediterranean food, these two cuisines also have some things in common:

Both cuisines feature fresh ingredients that can be found in their homelands

This similarity sets these cuisines apart from American cuisine.

They don’t use canned food or processed food like canned tuna, canned beef, canned stock, ham, or bacon.

Instead, Afghan and Mediterranean cuisines focus on fresh ingredients only, from vegetables, meat, seafood, or spices, all can be found in their countries.

They use a lot of spices in their dishes

The spices used in Afghan cooking are chili powder (or paprika), turmeric powder (or curry powder), black pepper powder (or cayenne pepper).

In Mediterranean cooking, the spices are oregano, thyme leaves (or ground thyme), garlic cloves (chopped or crushed).

Which one is better?

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Which of these two cuisines do you prefer? The Afghan cuisine or the Mediterranean diet? If your goal is to stay healthy and lose weight, it may be best for you to stick with Mediterranean food.

But if you are a meat-loving person who wants to fill your stomach longer, we would recommend choosing Afghanistan cuisine.

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